Whats Cooking, Good Looking?

If You’re Looking For Gel Polish, You’re In The Right Place!

Gel Polish and Acrylics are our passion!

Our role within the nail industry is to provide professional solutions at an affordable cost. We understand that the products you use are there to enhance the service that you provide. The UV / LED Gel Polish market is full to the brim with many types of products, we offer a no nonsense policy to give you the security that you need. We focus on fashion trends, helpful advice and most of all the very best customer experience!

UV / LED Gel Polish – Should enhance your business! Giving your customers the colours and longevity they deserve. Grasp the power of L.A. Lacquer and your business will save time and money.

Acrylics – Easy & Speedy to use! Easy Ombre and FLEXGUARD! Technology.

Focused – On providing the highest quality UV / LED Gel Polish and Acrylic products available on the market. 

On Point – With our trends and colour selection. Each colour has been hand picked to ensure that you have a wide variety of UV / LED Gel Polish & Acrylic products to complete every service available.

Technology – Is always needed in quality products, our FLEXGUARD! And Easy Ombre technology means that your business can achieve stunning results easily and quickly.

Thanks for coming to visit us! Are you ready to step into a world of colour?

Inspiration, Style & Creativity

Let your passion for design and the well-being of your clients shine through!

Let your creativity run wild!


Highly Pigmented

Ensuring Easy Coverage


Long Lasting

Upto 30 Days


Non Shrinkage

Rigorously Tested


Salon Professional

Available Direct


Responsibly Sourced

Only High Quality Ingredients

L.A. Lacquer, Your Colour Partner.


Here at L.A. Lacquer we love everything to do with colour. We consistently ensure that we bring you the latest, cutting edge colours to enhance your Nail Salon business.

As an international UV / LED Gel Polish company it is our goal to work with your Nail Salon to produce realistic growth expectations. Our business structure means that not only does your business benefit from the highest quality UV / LED Gel Polish Colours, you will also gain access to our highly successful business enhancement series.

Long Lasting, Highly Effective Gel Polish.


To make sure that your business runs smoothly, you need to be able to trust the products you are using. Our unique formulation gives you just that! Security. 

Each colour formulation is tested individually to ensure your customers will get the very best results. 

Our highly pigmented solution means that not only do you get security using L.A. Lacquer UV / LED Gel Polish, you also get a fantastic colour range that is quick and easy to apply.

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